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Hey Everyone,

My name is Mark Alexander and I started Lifestyle Dating to be a combination of Lifestyle Design (made famous by Tim Ferriss of “The 4-hour Workweek”) and my Dating/Social life. This site will have ideas, life hacks, and philosophies that I have adopted in order to date beautiful women and have great friends.

It all started after college. Throughout high school and college I was pretty successful with women. I was smart, good at sports, and had friends in high school so it wasn’t very hard to attract girls at my and local high schools. In college, it was a rude awakening. My highschool had something like 200 kids, my college had about 20,000. While challenging, I soon found out if you were in a class with a cute girl, you didn’t need an excuse to say hello really. If you sat next to a girl in your discussion group for Ancient Literature you could pretty much say “so what do you think of the professor?” and you were in. So for 4ish years this kind of game worked for me. However, when I got out of college, it wasn’t so simple. Walking up to a girl at a bar and asking her what she thought of the bartender didn’t have the same success rate. Same for walking up to a girl at Barnes & Noble and asking her what she thought the store manager was doing that was annoying. Surprisingly, though, walking up to a girl in a gym and asking what classes she was taking this semester did work on occasion.

Anyways, as I went through some lady-droughts I asked myself what the difference was between college and life after college was. And among a few other things, it was volume. I simply wasn’t around as many women, let alone meeting them. I had read the game in college, and I think, actually, understood it (unlike most of the men who read it). I knew, for sure, I didn’t want to be Mystery or even Style. I thought Mystery was a sad man, even if I did think he had mad skills. I can think Kanye West can rap, but I’d never want to be the prick! So I decided to look a bit more into the community, but for those who didn’t focus on not being an actual human (i.e. using magic, props, routines, being a total geek with terms like sarge and two set). There were some people out there who were trying to do this. So I took some of their philosophies and such and added principles I’d learned from authors like Tim Ferriss, Ramit Sethi, Malcom Gladwell, and others, then mixed them all up in a blender and tailored them to my lifestyle.

What I came up with was a set of principles and life hacks that I am in the process of applying to my life to get to my goals of having an amazing dating life filled with fun, smart, and beautiful women as well as a fantastic social life filled with great friends. I say I am in the process because this is not a method set in stone, I’m learning everyday, trying new things out and fixin’ all the bugs. I hope you’ll come on the journey with me! I have a lot of interesting ideas that I think will be of help to a lot of people. More posts a-comin’


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